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Since 1992, Planet Expert group has upgraded a great variety of Earth’s sites, constructions and industries up to the most favourable conditions to life, biodiversity and efficiency with sustainable economies and populations around.
For all projects, departing from the existing, we create isomorphic relations to the best result. In our work with the physics of information we pioneer by designing truth tables to digital, neural networks, robots, intelligent food, energy, waste to energy, wildfires control, new materials and constructions that link nature, data and customer needs to a myriad of solutions, always CO2 neutral, organic, realistic and implementing nature's preservation and human sustainability on the planet.
Why to choose us for your challenges?
Because we are able to integrate our customers history as an asset to their needs and to deliver always on the predicted result, simply, reliably and sustainably.

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Sun Harvesters are the most powerful and flexible solar technology in existence. They harvest 75% of solar radiation and light to reach Earth (maximum productivity) at any latitude or during any season. This is due to its solar reflection and vertical sun tracking. This technology represents a paradigm shift for the 21st Century towards environmental sustainability. It can be regarded as a spark for social change. It is the next step to energy autonomy and the long awaited leap for industry, agriculture and community.
SUN.expert® sun harvester systems generate extreme heat and cold, for liquid and air. Uses include AC (electricity generation), sea water desalination, wastes treatment, waste to energy applications, dehydration, roasting, drying, solar cold and refrigeration, a solution to all water heating and sanitation needs, thermal oil, steam, vegetal waste pyrolysis towards solar carbon (CO2 neutral) and production of syngas, etc. A world of meaningful transformations lies ahead for all users.


This innovative but at the time primordial salt contains 5 times less sodium (80% less sodium). It contains from 20 to 100 times more sea minerals than any other salt even himalayan mine salts etc. It allows users to comply to any salt reduction target without having to sacrifice any salty taste. It is also a completely natural and organic certified product.
It is harvested from the seas of Formentera Island on the Mediterranean Sea which are spectacularly mineral rich due to the filtering capabilities of the largest Posidonia field in the World.
The product is harvested from a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Sapyro® wildfire barriers are unique. Created to withstand extremely high temperatures, reusable, easy rollable and transportable, they are perfect for any emergency situation.
This product can save lives, nature, vehicles and property.